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Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5

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Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5
Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5 Ice Bear Bullet 50 Scooter IB-PMZ50-5
Product Description

Product Description

49.5cc Scooter, Automatic Transmission, Front Disc/Drum Brakes, 10" Wheels, Metallic Paint, Rear Trunk, Retro Style.



Ice Bear

Engine/Drive Train
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4-Stroke
Bore and Stroke1.54 inches x 1.63 inches
Horsepower3.35 HP
Maximum Speed30 mph May vary depending on road condition, rider weight etc.
CoolingAir Cooled
Compression Ratio10.5:1
Make of EngineXINBA
Drive SystemBelt

Chasis / Suspensions / Brakes
Wheel TypeSteel
Front SuspensionDual Telescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionSingle Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Front Tire3.50-10
Rear Tire3.50-10

Length66.9 inches
Width26.3 inches
Height41.3 inches
Wheelbase48 inches
Seat Height30.7 inches
Ground Clearance4.7 inches
Net Weight154.3 lbs
Gross Weight187.4 lbs
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Fuel Capacity1.6 gal
Fuel Economy120 mpg (Depending on Your Speed and Weight)
Engine Oil Capacity0.8L, 10w40 aircooled engine oil (non-synthetic)

Assembly RequiredFront wheel, handlebars, mirrors, speedometer, front brake lever, trunk, fuel line, battery and floorboard cover



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