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PRO TT Arrow 200 Gokart (CRF Motor engine, adjustable seat, spare tire, dynamic frame design)


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TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart
TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart TaoTao Arrow 200 Go Kart
Product Description

Product Description

Go Kart Product Details Overview

High Quality Roll Cage

High Quality Steel Frame with Full Body Roll Cage
Using high standard MIG welding for strongest body frame, full body roll cage and fully welded floor board.


Honda GY6 Clone 4 Stroke Engine

Honda GY6 Clone 4 Stroke Engine
Powerful Honda Clone GY6 169cc 4 stroke scooter engine comes standard with two overhead valves. The engine was originally manufactured in 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc engine sizes and was found in the Honda Elite and Spacey line of motor scooters. With various sources of this engine in both Honda products and newer Asian imports there are a vast amount of replacement parts, modifications, and performance parts available in the market. 


Adjustable Racing Seat

Adjustable racing seat with racing harness belt
The adjustable slider racing seat gives maximum comfort for different size rider and the racing harness belt insure the rider's safety during riding.


Fully Function Lighting System

Fully Function Headlight, Tail Light, Turn Signal Lights and Brake Light
Equipped with vehicle lighting  feature to allow riders to enjoy night riding with safety in mind. 


Deluxe Interior

Deluxe Interior 
Equipped with Horn, Roof cover, light switch, key ignition, easy to reach shift knob and hand brake all for convenience for the rider.


Double Front Double A-arm

Handling Upgrades
This Arrow 150cc Go Kart come with stagger wheels setup, Single front A-arm and Double rear A-arm to provide better handling and turning angle.


Go Kart Distance Backseat to Padel

Distance from Seat Back to Pedals and Weight Capacity
This Go Kart has adjustable distance between 39 Inch to 45 Inch from Seat Back to Pedals. Weigh Capacity is : 440lbs

Go Kart Size Comparison

110cc Go Kart-Kids Go Kart

110cc Go Kart, Kids Go Kart, 163cc Go Kart
Wheel Base: 52 to 56 inches
Horse Power :6.5+
Max Speed: 5 to 35+ MPH
Distance from Pedal to  Seat Back: 23 to 29 inches

Fits : Kids and Youth


150cc Go Kart -Kids Go Kart & Youth Go Kart

Kids & Youth Go Kart, 150cc Go Kart
Wheel Base: 62 to 68 inches
Horse Power: 10.0+
Distance from Pedal to Seat Back: 31.5 to 43 inches

Fits : Kids and Youth


Spider Go Kart-Youth Go Karet & Adult Go Kart

PRO TT Arrow 150cc Go Kart is within this Size Criteria
Spider Type Go Kart, Youth & Adult Go Kart
Distance from Pedal to Seat Back: 2 to 4 inches Longer than Regular Type Go kart
(Spider Go Kart is great for someone need extra leg room 

Fits : Youth and Adult


250cc Go Kart-Adult Go Kart

250cc Go Kart, Full Size Adult Go Kart
Wheel Base: 62 to 68 inches
Horse Power: 22.0+

Distance from Pedal to Seat Back: 41 to 48 inches

Fits : B-Youth and Adult





Kids,Youth / Adult Go Kart
Adult Go Kart

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Hot Item

Engine/Drive Train
Engine Type 169cc, Air cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, automatic with reverse
Start Type Electric start
Transmission Chain Drive
Max Torque 9.3N.m/5500r/min
Engine Gear D-N-R   (Fully Automatic with reverse)
Shift Gear Hand
Wheelbase 73 Inches (1861mm)
Ignition CDI
Fuel Capacity 1.6 Gal (6 L)

Chasis / Suspensions / Brakes
Front Foot Brake Hydraulic Disc
Rear Foot Brake Hydraulic Disc
Tire Front 21x7-10
Tire Rear 22x11-10
Front Suspension 12 Inches (300 MM ± 2)
Rear Suspension 14 Inches (345 MM ± 2)
Remote control(Yes/No) No
Speed Limiter(Yes/No) Yes
Engine kill switch(Yes/No) Yes

Battery 12V 9Ah(Included)
G.W.(lbs) 693 LBS (315 Kgs)
N.W.(lbs) 583 LBS (265 Kgs)
Max Loading <=330 LBS  (150 Kgs)
Overall Size 102 x 59 x 48 Inches (2590x1490x1210 mm)
Carton Size(inch) 90 x 51 x 24 Inches (2280 x 1300 x 610 mm)
Ground Clearance 5.9 Inches (150 mm)
Seat Height 16.5 Inches (420 mm)
Steering Wheel Diameter 12 Inches (305 mm)


CARB (CA Only)
Not for California




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