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HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike


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HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike
HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike HENSIM Hawk 250 Dirt Bike
Product Description

Product Description


Yamaha Street Ninja Clone Style

Enduro Bike for OFF Road and ON Road Use
Come with Head light, tail light, large size gas tank, wide ratio gear box


Honda GY6 Clone 4 Stroke Engine

Honda Clone 4 Stroke Engine
Powerful Honda Clone 4 stroke scooter engine comes standard with two overhead valves. The engine was originally manufactured in 50cc, 125cc,150cc and 250cc engine sizes and was found in the Honda Elite and Spacey line of motor scooters. With various sources of this engine in both Honda products and newer Asian imports there are a vast amount of replacement parts, modifications, and performance parts available in the market.



Multi-Start System

Multi-Start System (Electric Push-Button Start & Kick Start)
Scooter Push-button start couldn't be simpler. Reliable kick start provides a piece of mind for backup all the time.


Scooter Aluminum Rim

Large Rim stagger set up F/19 R/17
Front and rear upgraded light weight wheels F/19 R/17 provides better handling grip with Street Tire


Scooter Brake System

Maximum Scooter Braking Performance (F/Disk & R/Drum)
High Quality Disc Brake (Front &Rear), allow maximize braking performance


Scooter Seat Height and Capacity

Motorcycle Seat Height and Capacity
Scooter Seat Height: 34 inch; Scooter weight capacity: 330lbs.


Street Legal Approved

Street Legal
This Motorcycle/Scooter is registrable with Department of Motor Vehicles and legal to own and operate in the public road in all states except CA. MCO (Manufacture Certificate of Origin, Stickers, and all necessary registration documents will be included with your purchase.
US DOT (Department of Transportation) APPROVED
US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) APPROVED
Unique & Genuine Factory 17-Digits VIN Number (This Bike conforms to U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS)






Max Torque[N.m/(r/min)]
16.5N.m 5500 r/min

Horsepower (HP)
14.1/7000 RPM



Top Speed (mph) (Depending on riders weight and road conditions)

High Strength Steel

Weight Capacity (lbs)

Net Weight (lbs)

Ground Clearance(Inch)




Seat Height(Inch)


Fuel Tank (gal)

NO CARB (This Unit is Legal For Sale In All States Other Than CA, PA, NJ)


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