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VZ ATV-06 110cc Best Kids ATV (Fully Automatic, Remote Control Safety Feature for Kids, Electric Start)


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85% Assembled:

Handlebar Brackets (Clamps), all 4 Wheels, Hubs, Brakes, Shocks, Turning Rods, Front and Rear Racks (if included) and Battery. (May differ per model)

Fully Assembled w/ Road Test

All parts are assembled and a Road Test of the vehicle is performed. Battery will also need to be charged. Just refuel and drive away upon arrival.

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Your order will be shipped in the same or the next business day. (Additional 1-2 days for Fully Assembled w/ Road Test Package)

By Choosing a different 2nd Color Choice will allow us to ship your order without delay if your 1st color choice is out of stock.
By Choosing a different 2nd Color Choice will allow us to ship your order without delay if your 1st color choice is out of stock.

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VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Blue Spider
VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Blue Spider VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Blue VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Tree Camo VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Red Spider VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Burgundy VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Pink Spider VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Black Spider VZ ATV-06 Kids ATV Blue Spider

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This is the best selling ATV, fun for Kid and adult with all the options, Safty feature like remote kill switch is also standard on this model, this will give your extra control over the safety when your kids riding. Our price is just about 1/3 or 1/4 some time 1/5 of a Honda, Yamaha comparebal Models. Our goal is to prvoide every off road sports enthusiast with the best ride while having more FUN and spend LESS.
The TT B1 is our newest model kids ATV, powered by a dependable 4-stroke 110cc air-cooled engine. . The ATV is also equipped with improved double A-arm front suspension, stronger rear suspension, and durable drum/disk brake to ensure the safety of our young riders.

Free Liftgate Service What is it?What is it?Liftgate We prepaid liftgate service for our customer to unload ATV/Quad at point of delivery. ($45 value)
Residential Service What is it?What is it?Residential Service We offer delivery of your ATV/Quad to Residential/Home address at no extra charge. ($50 value)

Free Delivery Notification What is it?What is it?Delivery Notification Our freight carrier will contact you by phone to schedule a specific time to deliver the ATV/Quad at your convenience. ($15 value)
Owner's Manual & Tool Kit What is it?What is it?Tools Kit and Owner's ManualWe provide necessary tools for assembly and owner's manual for maintenance with your new ATV/Quad. ($29 Value)

Free Registration Documents What is it?What is it?Registration DocumentsOur experienced registration department will rapidly prepare Manufacturer Statement of Origin and Bill of Sale correctly for your new ATV/Quad statewide. ($55 value)
Free 3 Months Warranty What is it?What is it?3 Months Warranty We offer 3 months warranty on engine and frame to our customer at no additional cost while our competitors only offer 1 month with similar product and charge $59+ for the same warranty. ($69 value)
Product Description

Product Description

This ATV is equip with Remote Engine Shut Off Control Child Safety and Speed Limiter for Easy to Learn. 

Product Details Overview

ATV Youth Frame Size

Youth Frame Size for Quad
Youth size body, has everything a adult ATV has, serious dirt tire and wheel.  Rack on the rear for cargo are included


ATV Full Automatic

Fully Automatic Transmission for Quad
Fully automatic transmission gives the pleasure of push throttle and go for any one who just want to ride out and have fun.


ATV Remote Control

Remote & Alarm control
Remote shut off switch provides safety and piece of mind for the parents to have their love one's ride out fun and safe.


ATV Speed Limit Control

ATV Speed Limit Control
Speed limiter allow to limit the throttle and control the speed limit at your convenience, great for learning process. Range from 5MPH to max speed.


ATV Camofloush color

ATV Camouflage Color Available
Green Camouflage, Pink Camouflage and Maple Camouflage

ATV Size Comparison

Small ATV-Kids ATV

VZ ATV-06 Mini is within this Size Criteria
Kids ATV 6 inches Rims with 14.5 inches Tires
Wheel Base: 31.5 inches
Height: 31.5 inches
Seat Height: 21.7 inches
Distance from Foot Rest to Top of the Seat: 13 inches

Fits : Kids and Youth
Best Fit to 3 - 4 Ft Height  


Medium ATV-Kids ATV & Youth ATV

Kids & Youth ATV 7 inches Rims with 16 inches Tires
Wheel Base: 33.5 to 34.5 inches
Height: 36.4 inches
Seat Height: 24.4 inches
Distance from Foot Rest to Top of the Seat: 14 inches

Fits : Kids and Youth
Best Fit to 3.5 - 5 Ft Height  


Large ATV-Youth ATV & Adult ATV

Youth & Adult ATV 8 inches Rims with 19/18 inches Tires
Wheel Base: 36 to 45 inches (110cc, 125cc and 150cc)
Height: 37.8 inches
Seat Height: 26.8 inches
Distance from Foot Rest to Top of the Seat: 14 inches

Fits : Youth and Adult
Best Fit to 4 - 5.3 Ft Height  


X-Large ATV - Adult ATV

Full Size Adult ATV 10 inches Rims with 23/22 inches Tires
Wheel Base: 44 to 47 inches
Height: 39.4 inches
Seat Height: 33.5 inches
Distance from Foot Rest to Top of the Seat: 18 inches

Fits : B-Youth and Adult
Best Fit to 4.5 - 6 Ft Height  






Kids,Youth / Adult ATV
Kids / Youth ATV

Hot Item
Hot Item

Engine/Drive Train
Engine Type 110CC,Air cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, automatic
Start Type Electric start
Transmission Chain Drive
Max Torque 6.5N.m/5000-5500r/min
Wheelbase(inch) 31.5
Ignition CDI
Fuel Capacity(L) 2.3

Chasis / Suspensions / Brakes
Front Hand Brake Drum
Rear Foot Brake Hydraulic Disc
Tire Front 14.5x7-6
Tire Rear 14.5x7-6
Suspension Front(inch) 10.8
Suspension Rear(inch) 9.6
remote control(Yes/No) Yes
Speed Limiter(Yes/No) Yes
Engine kill switch(Yes/No) Yes

Battery 12V/4Ah
G.W.(lbs) 225.00
N.W.(lbs) 185.00
Max Loading(lbs) 132
Overall Size(inch) 45.7x28x33.3
Carton Size(inch) 45.47x27.17x24.02
Seat Height(inch) 24.81
Ground Clearance(inch) 2.84



CARB (CA Only)
Red Sticker Certification


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